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Free Pigments presets - Harmonic Keys

Take a journey through your inner musical layers with Harmonic Keys for Arturia Pigments! Our free library of 40 keyboard patches created exclusively with additive synthesis will take your music to the next level. From delicate and sweet to hard-hitting and powerful, discover the unparalleled range of sounds you can create with this great Pigments engine.

Additive synthesis is a type of sound synthesis that uses multiple sine waves to create complex sounds. It is a popular technique used in synthesizers to create a wide range of sounds, from simple tones to intricate pads and textures. By combining multiple sine waves of different frequencies and amplitudes, it is possible to generate sounds with rich harmonic content. Additive synthesis can be used for both music production and sound design applications.

Arturia's Pigments harmonic engine is a fine tool capable of designing those kind of sound presets. Soaring bright keys, rich harmonic bells, beautiful soft keys are some of the patches included.

This free soundbank is also available for Analog Lab V here

Presets walkthrough video


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