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Guitar Dreams for Omnisphere 2 contains 20 acoustic guitar synths with atmospheric emotions

Misty-eyed synths result of a recipe that uses acoustic guitar samples and the great Omnisphere's sound design advanced Tools.

And Voila.....

Guitar Dream is a rich, acoustic-guitar-based library include long progressive atmospheres, emotional keys and granular sound molecules.

Harp like sounds travelling through beautiful spatial fields, plucky acoustic synths, saturated rusty string vibrations, dreaming and nostalgic sonic journeys, folklore elements from a world full of fantasy, plucked sounds with rich harmonics and piano like guitars are some of the defining features of this Omnisphere pack.

Once again I am amazed by the quality and quantity of Omnisphere's soundsources. So many things to explore and so many sound design possibilities within this amazing artware.

This very soundbank is a calm collection for new age, cinematic, folklore based, game audio, rock, experimental and many many other music styles.

Listen to all patches that included in this compact Omnisphere soundset to the video below.

Guitar Dreams walkthrough


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