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One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.1 Omnisphere bank has been released with experimental guitars synths

Today I started a new soundbank series, a tough one. My goal for each of those soundbanks for Omnisphere 2, is to use just one sample and create 30 interesting patches with sonic variety.

In my first bank One Sample Thirty Patches Vol.1 I used an open E string from my Les Paul guitar played with pick for more attack sound. Then I passed it through a vintage guitar amp to manipulate the sample in this first stage, before importing it to Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 synth.

The sound by its own carries a retro warmth with some focused harmonics, full of body and with nice starting transient. Inside synth now, I used many of the included tools from frequency modulation to ring modulation, different styled filters, a variety of effects. The regular devices here are a spring reverb and a tube limiter. The first because I really like the way a spring verb affects the electric guitar sound (reminds me of some of my favorite music when I was a teenager) and finally the limiter for adding extra harmonics while controlling transients and overall dynamics of the patches.

Starting performing a classic Manowar riff from Battle Hymn the first patch is really epic and distorted in a heavy metal way. Cheap Distortion could find its place in doom metal stuff. Granular Violin is a paradigm of how Omnisphere can transform a sound source to something totally different.

In A Box has a bizarre atmosphere and Just Keys is a classic optimistic el. piano. Keys Of Brilliance is harsh and bright, Nostalgia sounds like a Moog-like poly with evocative temper and warmth, Quests is a punchy spiritual synth and Resonant encloses some icy and eerie resonances deriving from the upper frequencies.

Sci-Fi Temper is shining in higher registers of the keys and includes a nice short evolving in its starting point, while Spacecraft has a emotionful inner feeling. All presets performance could be found in the video below.

Omnisphere 2® is a registered trademark of Spectrasonics


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