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Serum FM Synths - Frequency Modulation based presets

This is a free soundbank for Xfer Serum with 30 patches created with FM method of synthesis. The sounds are very experimental and sometimes even unpredictable - that's what it makes them beutiful. Serum FM Synths is a totally free preset pack

Our 30 free Serum presets are designed to bring out the most out of FM synthesis inside Serum, allowing you to create unique and experimental sounds.

FM synthesis is a powerful tool for creating complex sounds and textures. It has been used in music production for about 4 decades, and recently it has become more accessible with the introduction of software synths. Serum offers some handy ways of creating patches with this type of synthesis although this is not the main type this all around synth has been famous for. FM synthesis can be used for virtually any genre of music, making it an invaluable tool for producers of all kinds. So does Serum, I believe.


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