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Spectrasonics Omnisphere library - 12 Gods: Aphrodite

Summon the divine beauty of Aphrodite and explore a realm of sonic possibilities with 12 Gods: Aphrodite! This 50 patches library for Omnisphere will let you create heavenly soundscapes and dive deep into the dark side of the Goddess. Perfect for any type of music production, 12 Gods: Aphrodite will bring mythological beauty to your tracks.

Aphrodite is a major figure in the Greek pantheon, being one of the 12 gods of the ancient world. She is known as the goddess of love, beauty and fertility and her influence can be seen in many aspects of Greek culture. She is also known for her passionate relationships with mortals and other gods.

This soundbank is like a record of her life, capturing the essence of her beauty and grace. Through these sounds, we can explore the stories and legends that have been passed down through generations about this remarkable figure. From her emergence from the sea to receiving the Golden Apple, this soundbank captures all aspects of her life in an immersive way.

The soundscapes of Aphrodite for Omnisphere 2 are filled with complex motion, shimmering synths, and textural patches. Each patch is connected to a different myth or person related to the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. Take a journey through the musical world of Aphrodite and explore the secrets hidden within each patch.

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