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Synapse Audio Dune 3 soundset series, Cinedune counts 6 soundbanks with Cinematic Synth Presets

Our CInedune Series for Synapse Audio Dune 3 has already 6 different soundpacks for a total of 160 cinematic based synth patches.

It consists of the packs:

CineDune Vol.0 provides thirty cinematic synthesizers with some keys that could also be used in electronic or rock music styles

CineDune Vol. 1 featuring 30 cinematic synth and keys sounds designed to work with a lot of different types of music, including electronic, cinema-inspired and rock.

Your cinematic soundtracks toolset is now a but richer with the third volume of this series. What you get is a collection of 30 arps that could also work for electronic music styles.

Our CineDune Vol.3 soundbank is the fourth release of our series that focuses on cinematic music. It has 30 musical atmospheric arps synths that would suit other musical genres as well, but are primarily in the style of soundtrack music.

Vol.4 is the next part of our cinematic soundbank collection - available as a Synapse Audio Dune 3 synth bank. With over 20 classic sounding arps/sounds/instruments, as well as sonic movement that could also fit to electronic music styles, this soundbank will offer some serious inspiration besides its small size.

The Vol.5 pack has 20 bass presets in different styles that can also be used as atmospheric leads in high registers on your keyboard.

Dune 3 has a great workflow and easy access to the most important features. I believe it is a great synth to create cinematic synths with,

Presets walkthrough videos


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