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Free presets for Dune 3 synth

Helios Synth Pads is a freebie soundset of 25 classic atmospheric long synths for Synapse Audio Dune 3 synthesizer vst. From resonant sounds to synth choirs and from calming cloudy pads to flute like presets all patches here are versatile in terms of sonic character and could be fit for a lot of music genres.

I am a big admirer of Dune 3 synthesizer, a true workhorse with plenty elements to help design some great sounds from classic ones (like in this soundbank) to more experimental stuff.

The OSC and filters are sounding great and this is a very important ingredient for a great synth.

You can grab your free copy at our e-shop here:

Dune 3.520 edition was used to create those 25 free synth presets. You could also listen to a walkthrough of all of the included sounds in our Youtube channel:


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