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Arturia CS-80 and Analog Lab V presets - 1980 Bundle with 110 retro synth patches

Make your Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers sound like they're straight from the past! The 1980 Bundle for Analog Lab V and CS-80 V4 contains 110 presets from one of the most iconic synth of all times,

It contains all four 1980 soundbanks

  1. 1980 Vol.1 - 30 Presets

  2. 1980 Vol.2 - 30 Presets

  3. 1980 Vol.3 - 30 Presets

  4. 1980 Vol.4 - 20 Presets

The Yamaha CS-80 is a legendary synthesizer with its distinctive sound and the ability to produce a wide variety of timbres.

The unique sound of this instrument is something phenomenal. It is considered one of the best synthesizers in the world. It's been used in many popular songs - It has been used by some of the most influential musicians and producers - legendary Vangelis was using this great synth unit.

The arturia emulation software allows the user to recreate the legendary Yamaha CS-80 sounds.

Take a listen to the Synth 01 from the first soundbank - this is so CS-80. Or the Synth 04 crispy sonic dimension. Synth 07 has an accordion essence while Pad 01 sounds really dark.

Let's go on the second part of this series. The Of Atmosphere patch has a nice movement while Of Beauty is so dreamy in an eighties way. Or the trumpet timbres of the Of Brightness patch and the mellow organic Of Future preset.

Moving on the third soundbank we could listen to the nostalgic bright colors of the Of Brilliance patch and the liquid movement on the Of Cassette preset. Of Fabric sound seems so retro and Of Fire has this cinematic flavor - taken from films of early 80's. Of Remebrance has a Pink Floyd and Eloy thing in itself.

The final pack contains Arp presets like the Arp 02 dreamy patch and the Arp 05 violinish think. Or the futuristic Arp 11 and the out of this world Arp 17.

You could listen to all presets on the 4 videos (one for each pack) below.


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