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Arturia Jun-6 V Presets - Jun Age

Jun Age soundbank is a collection of 50 Arturia Jun-6 V Presets divided in 25 polyphonic lead presets and 25 synth pads. Their main genres are New Age (in the likes of Kitaro, Enya, Yanni, Vangelis and other) and Synthwave.

Arturia Jun-6 V Presets - Synthwave Presets
Jun Age Artwork - Presets for Jun-6 V

The soundbank is pretty much focused although its patches could be used and for other genres with vintage characteristics like cinematic, game audio and ambient among others.

This emulation of a Roland Juno-6 is a great tool for me - especially when I have to deal with New Age and vintage electronic music. Its chorus is so lovely...

The synth presets included are vintage and classy. You can find some delicate pads, some nice retro long synths, some emotional atmospheres but also some synths for melodic lines - even for quick parts.

Let's go and see some of the sounds that come with this soundbank.

Jun Age 01 is a very classic synth of the 80's. More specifically it is a sentimental long synth nice for adding background layers (or even use it for your Synthwave intros) to the 2 specific genres I mentioned above.

Jun Age 19 has the same characteristics but it is warmer and sweeter. With its soft delay tails and its round beginning, it creates an evocative feeling of calmness and jubilation - taken directly from some retro synthetic sound design form.

Jun Age 21 is a very peculiar pad. It is brighter that the previous two and it has a nice whimsical character - I could imagine this sound in a context where humanity is coming in contact with some alien civilization, only that this contact occured in 1983.

Jun Age 47 is a plucky synthwave, vaporwave, outrun, retrowave, retrofuturistic and futurewave preset. It actually includes in its entity all the common used charactertistics of a classic eighties sound perfect for any genre of that age.

Jun Age 22 is a liquid semi dark, semi bright pad with New Age character. It also has a nice attack and release time - they seem like twins in this synth patch. It is the sound of the sun sets on a desert plain and the sky is purple and pink.

Jun Age 26 is a polyphonic synth lead which is very rich in sound all across the frequency map. It has sweet highs, crispy mids and majestic basses. It could be used for quick or slow melodic key parts and everything in between. And this delay....

Jun Age 35 is a gently to keen attack pluck with some noise going forth and back. The sound is very warm and muddy - it is like there are no bass or high frequencies. Or what I say a perfect 80's synthetic sound. But also it is powerful and suitable for some high intensity parts of you New Age track.

You can grab Jun Age for Jun-6 V great synth emulation vst at:

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