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Cherry Audio PS3300 Presets - 70's Treasures

Today we released our first pack of Cherry Audio PS3300 Presets containing 40 vintage synth lead keys. 70's Treasures is a very expressive and useful progressive rock soundpack.

Cherry Audio PS3300 Presets
70's Treasures for PS-3300 | Artwork

Within its 40 presets you can listen to some late 70s organic synths and other emotional synthetic keys.

70's Treasure 01 is a classic semi organ semi synth sound, 70's Treasure 02 is liquid and modulated into a sentimental sonic world of emotions and 70's Treasure 03 is mellow and full of motivation. 70's Treasure 04 is a releative punchy key with versatile sound while 70's Treasure 06 is a cheap synthetic organ, with that classic prog rock sound.

Moving forward to 70's Treasure 07 we have a triumphant synth sound perfect for symphonic prog rock and 70's Treasure 09 with its chopped like sound elevation. 70's Treasure 10 is plucky and mid driven, 70's Treasure 11 is multidimensional pad like preset and 70's Treasure 13 is a repetitive soft key.

You can grab 70's treasures for this Korg PS-3300 emulation by Cherry Audio at:

Presets walkthrough video


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