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Using synths in Heavy Metal

Heavy metal music has been around for decades, but the extensive use of synths in the genre is a phenomenon that came afterwards. Synths have been used by bands like Amorphis, Savatage, Dream Theater, Leprous and Therion to expand the soundscape and create unique sonic textures. These bands have pushed the boundaries of heavy metal music while flirting with other genres by incorporating synths into their sound. This has allowed them to explore different musical styles while staying true to their roots.

The use of synths in heavy metal provides musicians with a range of options to explore and experiment with. They can add texture and depth to the music, as well as create interesting soundscapes that add atmosphere and emotion. Synths can be used to create everything from ambient soundscapes to searing leads and crushing riffs.

Symphonic metal, progressive metal and avant-garde metal are all genres of music that have increasingly using synths within. These genres of music make use of a variety of instruments, such as piano, orchestral instruments and samples. They also often incorporate elements from other genres, such as classical music and jazz.

The fusion of different musical styles especially with the help of synthesizers creates a unique sound that is both powerful and intricate. Symphonic metal, progressive metal and avant-garde metal are perfect for those who want to explore the boundaries between different musical styles while still having an intense listening experience so synth players of those genres now have a huge horizon of experimentation field to explore!


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