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12 Gods: Hermes - Omnisphere patches

Unlock the secrets of the herald of the gods of with 12 Gods: Hermes for Omnisphere 2. Dive into the celestial realm with 50 dreamy and ethereal synth patches, inspired by the Messenger of Gods, Hermes.

The soundbank is a powerful tool for creating unique and captivating soundscapes. By combining slow evolving amp envelopes with a reverb device, it creates beautiful sound colors that are airy, dreamy and full of motion. This combination of sounds can be used to create a dreamy experience that takes the listener on a journey through mythological times.

Hermes, the Greek god of commerce, travel, and communication, is one of the most important figures in Greek mythology. He is known for his speed and agility as well as his ability to move freely between the mortal and divine worlds. Hermes was also responsible for protecting travelers, merchants, and shepherds. He was often seen carrying messages between gods and mortals. Hermes was also a messenger for Zeus, delivering orders from the king of gods to humans.

All 50 profound pads in this Omnisphere soundbank are inspired by Hermes. Deep airy pads are a staple of cinematic and electronic music production, whether in modern or vintage styles. They provide a lush soundscape that can be used to evoke emotion, create atmosphere, and accentuate the tonal qualities of other instruments.

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