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Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V presets - Mediterranean

Get ready to be transported to the Mediterranean zone with Pigments 3's soundbank, Mediterranean. Dive into 80 unique synths and leads crafted to evoke an undiscovered sonic palette of cinematic and electronic music.

With Mediterranean, you can sonically explore a rich, vibrant ecosystem and experience the flora, fauna, and culture of this region in audio form. discovering a fertile world of synth sounds.

The Mediterranean biome is a type of ecosystem found in the Mediterranean region, which is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. It has a diverse range of plant life and is home to many species of animals. The vegetation in this biome varies from shrubs and grasses to trees such as oaks, pines, and olives. The climate in this region is also very conducive to agriculture, making it an important area for food production. Additionally, the Mediterranean biome has an abundance of natural resources such as minerals and water that are essential for sustaining life in the region.

Each patch in this Arturia Pigments synth soundbank is inspired by the characteristic of this Biome.

Soundbank is also available for Analog Lab V users here

Introduction video of Mediterranean -All music except percussion produced with Mediterranean

Presets walkthrough video


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