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Arturia Pigments presets - Arctic (available for Analog Lab V users)

Introducing Arctic - Pigments 3, the soundbank for creating captivating cinematic music and electronic genres. With 80 experimental approached designed sounds like polysynths, keys, pads, and leads, you'll be able to create the soundtrack to your stories. Create captivating, expressive and otherworldly sounds with this selection of meticulous crafted, avant-garde patches.

The Arctic biome is a unique and fascinating environment that is characterized by extreme cold temperatures, low precipitation, and limited vegetation. It is home to some of the most amazing creatures on earth, from polar bears to caribou. The arctic biome has a number of distinct characteristics that make it stand out from other biomes. These include its extreme cold temperatures, the presence of sea ice year-round, and its unique soil composition. Additionally, it has an incredibly diverse array of plants and animals adapted for life in such an unforgiving environment. This article will explore the unique characteristics of the arctic biome and how they contribute to its remarkable biodiversity.

Experience the thrilling soundscapes of Arctic and immerse yourself in the fascinating and breathtaking sounds of the Earth's poles.

Arctic is also available for Analog Lab V users here

Introduction video: All music was produced with Arctic soundbank

Presets walkthrough video


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