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Cinematic Synth Vol.1 - U-He Zebra 2 soundbank

Introducing Cinematic Synths Vol.1 - the ultimate collection of cinematic-inspired sounds for Zebra 2. This is a premium sonic tool to help you dress your music with 100 carefully crafted presets, including keys, organs, mono synths, pads, poly synths, and soundscapes. Whether you're producing music for films, video games, or just want to add a characteristic cinematic flavor to your tracks Cinematic Synths Vol.1 has a huge range of stuff.

U-He Zebra 2 is definitely one of my favorite synths, especially when it comes to create complex sounding sounds for cinematic music and audio game productions - but not only. It shines for almost any genre from rock and metal and pop to experimental and ambient music. Even Hans Zimmer loves it.

It has a wide range of features that allow you to create unique sounds and textures. It’s also an amazing tool for game audio, as it can be used to make soundtracks, sound effects, and other audio elements. Thus it has become very popular in the music production industry.

With this soundbank I tried to exploit its weapons to design premium keys and organs, colored lead synths, emotional pads, classic sounding poly synths and some experimental moving soundscapes.

Presets walkthrough video

Demo Song video - For this one I used all 3 CInematic Synths series soundbanks


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