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Free Arturia Pigments soundbank - Melodic Rhythms

Create beautiful melodies in no time with Melodic Rhythms! Our 40 free presets for Arturia Pigments 3 and Analog Lab V provide a synced delay on dotted quavers that will effortlessly glue your track together. Enjoy the melodic vibes of classic songs like Another Brick In The Wall part 1 by Pink Floyd, Alone from Amorphis, and Cathedral by Van Halen just to name a few.

Delay is a type of time-based effect used in music. It can be used to create rhythmic patterns in music by adding a delay to the signal. Delay is often used with loops and other repetitive parts so that they will repeat at different rates, which creates the desired rhythmic pattern - this is what happening in this rhythm pattern based soundpack for Pigments and Analog Lab V.

This freebie soundbank could fit to a variety of music genres from rock to electronic or from cinematic to funk styles. This soundbank is a great addition to any music production toolset.

You can find both conventional and unusual sound colors all under the unparellel sound quality of Pigments synthesizer.

Presets walkthrough video


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