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Freebie for Arturia Pigments 4 and Analog Lab V, Burden soundbank contains 25 synth presets

If you're looking for dozens of new and never-before-heard sounds to experiment with in your synth, Burden is perfect for you! Compatible with Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synths this collection of 25 patches drives the sound to new unconventional auditory dimensions.

With almost even dynamics deriving from the heavy usage of compression, both the single or the multi band one, here you can find jarring, uncanny and compound free synth presets.

In the video below you could listen the Burden 06 weird key and the Burden 07 harsh brilliance it carries. The next preset is softer in terms of timbral characteristics while Burden 11 sounds like passing through a traditional barrel organ speaker. The 14th one has a nice futuristic touch and Burden 15 is heavily saturated. Burden 16 has an organic feel and Burden 17 is like a woodwind was played in front of a megaphone.

Burden 18 is full of motion in different directions and Burden 19 sounds more conventional and mid 80's.

In general this freebie for Pigments 4 which is also available for Analog Lab V users, is heavy experimental is terms of sound design. While you can find some more classic sounds, most of them are truly abnormal.

Video with all sounds included


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