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Hybrid Symphonic for Omnisphere 2

Introducing Hybrid Symphonic for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 - the ultimate collection of hybrid cinematic sounds that will take your productions to the next level! With 100 orchestral-based combined with classic synth oscillators patches, this library provides a wide range of unique and powerful tones to choose from. From epic soundscapes to expressive string lines, Hybrid Symphonic has everything you need

With the help of those sound elements, music producers can create a wide variety of genres from ambient to cinematic or hip-hop. They can also experiment with new sounds and explore different musical ideas that could potentially lead to something extraordinary. That's the main reason lies beneath Hybrid Symphonic.

Whether it is used to replicate the "synthesized" sound of an orchestra or to create something entirely new and unique, synth patches here provide a vast range of soundscapes to explore. From classic analog tones to modern digital ones, there is something for everyone in the world of Hybrid Symphonic. It is not a soundbank that supposed to replace real orchestra sample libraries - this is just an element of its defining features.

Whether you’re producing a film score or crafting an electronic masterpiece, the included synth patches provide a rich sonic foundation for your production.

3 categories of sounds are here:

· 50 fast patches

· 30 slow presets

· 20 percussions

Hybrid synthesis is a technique that combines real and digital audio elements. Here the classic oscillators of digital synthesis combined with the rich sounds of orchestral samples. This allows musicians to create unique, complex sounds that are not possible with either type of synthesis alone. By combining these two elements, musicians can create powerful and expressive music

Using hybrid synthesis, musicians can explore new sonic possibilities, as they can mix and match different classic oscillators and orchestral samples to create unique sounds. They can also layer multiple instruments together to create a fuller soundscape or add texture to their compositions. Hybrid synthesis is an incredibly versatile tool for modern music production, allowing producers to craft their own signature sound.

I have recreated an old epic orchestral piece of mine I had composed in the past using exclusively this soundbank.

Presets walkthrough video


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