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Omnisphere 2 Presets- 12 Gods: Hephaestus

Create unique, cinematic rhythms with 50 patches of deep, heavy tones and bright metallic drums. Get ready to feel the power of Hephaestus as you craft complex, tension-filled beats for your productions. Perfect for adding a touch of tension and drama. From the myth of his divine armors crafts to the creation of powerful weapons, this patch pays homage to the God of Fire.

Hephaestus is a powerful god in Greek mythology, known for his skill as a blacksmith and craftsman. He is often credited with creating some of the most impressive weapons, tools, and armor in the ancient world. He was also responsible for fashioning many of the objects used by the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. His power was so great that he was even able to create creatures such as Talos, a giant bronze automaton.

Each percussion of this sound library for Omnisphere 2 synth has its roots to Hephaestus.

Get ready to show your creative side with 12 Gods: Hephaestus, a unique and stylish patch collection! Featuring artwork inspired by the Greek God of fire, craftsmen and blacksmiths, each patch is dedicated to different myth or creation from this iconic figure. From Achilles armor to Hermes' winged helmet, these patches honor the works of Hephaestus - perfect for adding a little mythology to any ensemble.

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