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U-He Diva Presets - Medium Bites

Medium Bites for U-He Diva is a nice starting point for your next retro electronic sound track project. This Preset pack contains 30 presets that are focused on vintage styled electronic music. The intriguing element is hiding below the obvious detuning among the Oscillators. The presets are ready to go, so all you need to do is load them up and play.

They are designed to create sounds that are reminiscent of vintage electronic music.

The U-He Diva synth can be used to manipulate the oscillator’s frequency individual for each of the voices that comes out - detuning them could result in a more pleasant warm and full sound.

Medium Bites contains retro sounding polysynths and the Bite type filter is one of the main ingredients for the sounding result.

U-He Diva is an audio plugin synthesizer that allows to create complex and beautiful sounds. It comes with a wide range of synthesis options, filters, envelopes, and effects. Using this very filter type in combination with the other aspects of Diva resulted in this nostalgic classic soundbank.

The soundbank could be used for Tangerine Dream alike music, move to more Vangelis styles or even pay homage to early 90's classic dance music - its main elements are the warmth of the sound in combination with the crispy filter.

Presets walkthrough video


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